It’s been two days since I started this blog, and I’m pretty content with how it’s been going, and with myself for finally starting to write and publish myself.

I am a little intimidated with trying to pitch story ideas and what not. I am just starting, and I know I ca be a much better writer. All I need is practice. Just like this.

I’ve been reading a lot more articles, following more writers on Twitter, and plan to read a few books that could help make more sense of what I want to do career-wise.

I’ve been told that knowing more about a certain topic and possibly becoming an expert on it can help you figure out how you want to make a living, obviously.

Maybe it’s because I’ve started to wade into this craft, and that I’ve become serious about wanting to do this, I have noticed that many are hungry. It could be for power, fame, money. I want to do this because I really want to.
I have to get this out there, as corny as it sounds. I have to make it known, somehow, not just to myself, but to whoever reads this.

This is what I want to do. Passion is something serious, and it can lead you even further than you imagined sometimes.
Of course, one has to be realistic. I know this won’t be easy. I will be broke for quite a while. I will be shunned, ignored, laughed at for various reasons. Many more negative assets of this business will come to light, and I believe that I will be ready for that. Not just because of my age, my life experiences, and so on. I have support from people I love and respect.

It’s one thing to have the fire within you to drive you to succeed. It is just as important to be surrounded by good people who want to see you succeed. I’ve grown more accepting of people (might explain myself later, might not) as I have gotten older.

This is all I can put down for now.