Yes. I’ve waited more than long enough to do this.

Since I’ve decided that I want to do this with my life, I need to hone my craft, put myself out there, and practice.

I specifically want to be a journalist. I want to help people see what is going on around that, and why some things matter. I want to help make a difference in people’s lives, and my own. Writing things down is the best way I can make sense about whatever the topic is, especially if it interests me enough to want to learn more about it.

I have sent a couple of pieces to Thought Catalog, but no luck being published (yet). So I have also decided to publish my own work, and try to get people to read it.

I owe my finally sitting down and just writing to quite a few people, but I am going to point out the most surprising inspiration to me, Kanye West and his New York Times interview with Jon Caramanica. West basically said to know your worth, strive for excellence, to surround yourself with good people, and believe that you will make it, no matter what.

I know that this will not be easy. But I want this. Dare I say it, I need this, for I believe this is my calling. I have never felt so sure about what I wanted to do. I know there won’t be many dull moments, because there is a story everywhere you look. We all have opinions, and I want to be heard (read, read).

I want to do this. So I am starting right here.

Here goes.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Hi Sybilla,
    I saw your blog link on Britni’s The Write Pitch page and just wanted to say good luck! I was afraid to share my blog link because I haven’t been updating it regularly and then I saw that even though you just started posting, you weren’t afraid to share yours! Shame on me…If you don’t mind, I’m gonna borrow a little bit of your courage and post my link on the page now. Haha! Happy writing:-)

    • Hi KG! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for noticing it period. I’m glad I helped you get some courage, we should support each other as it can help in many ways. Good luck, and happy writing to you too! 🙂

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